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We offer commercial and residential garage door repair, maintenance and replacement services to Newbury Park residents, including 24 hours availability for quick, on the spot garage door repair and maintenance. Our Newbury Park Garage Door Repair experts are ready to come to your location to offer you the required service. They are certified and trained to maintain and service all kinds of garage doors, irrespective of the make and model. We carry a full line of parts and products for most of the major brands and models of garage doors found in the Newbury Park businesses and homes and we’ll repair your garage door, garage door springs, or install a new motor for your garage door quickly – that is our promise to you, our clients.

Even the highest quality and strongest garage doors require regular garage door maintenance to guarantee a complete life of best performance. At Garage Door Repair Newbury Park, we encourage homeowners and business owners to get their garage doors serviced in every 12 months. Such a service will protect your garage door against climate of Newbury Park, will prevent major issues from occurring in future and will help promise that your manufacturer warranties stay valid. Our big staff of qualified and certified Newbury Park garage door repair experts has been serving the whole Newbury Park area since many years. Their work is outstanding and their service prices are highly competitive.

When providing the fastest, absolutely affordable and most accurate Garage Door Repair Newbury Park CA services are considered, we have the most excellent team of experts that is highly professional and well trained, ready to offer top quality services for any and all of your garage doors dilemma at any time. Our Garage Door Repair Newbury Park services are available for 24*7 to the whole area of Newbury Park, CA. Call us today to discuss about your garage door related concerns.

Importance Of Getting Garage Door Maintenance Done Regularly

Other than having your garage door repair technicians visit your business or home annually, there are many things that you can do by yourself which will help extend the life of garage door and its spring and opener.

·  Lubricating it in every 3 to 6 months

·  Cleaning the internal section of garage door guide track with a wet cloth

·  Polishing the garage door as well as garage door opener track to produce a very smooth, moisture and dirt resistant surface

·  Lubricating steel garage door’s hinges sparingly with all purpose oil

·  Lubricating a wheel to axle bearing

·  No lubrication is usually necessary for the plastic garage door hinge, but Lithium spray can be used

·  Wipe over the garage door springs using an oily rag

·  Check all nuts, screws, fasteners, and bolts to ensure that they are secure.

·  Do not grease the lock however if key is stiff, then spray lubricant.

Qualified And Experienced Newbury Park Garage Door Repair Technicians

There are some additional things which can be done annually to help extend the life of garage doors and prevent the needs for getting your garage door repaired or serviced. It is suggested you use a highly qualified and experienced garage door repair technician to do the following:

· Check out the lifting cables for excessive corrosion, fraying, and/or wear. If there is a problem, contact us immediately. These cables must not be adjusted by anybody other than an experienced garage door repair expert.

· Over time, springs on the garage door will lose their tension. If your door becomes hard to operate due to this, contact our qualified technicians right away. Broken garage door spring should be replaced only by an expert garage door repairing technician.

Since years, we have been offering professional, top-quality garage door repair services and solutions to businesses and homeowners in Newbury Park area. We offer reliable and fast garage door repair services that you can count on. We strive hard for the very professional, best service in the industry and we offer only high quality name brands within garage doors, springs, openers and other parts. Our technicians are highly courteous, skilled, and quick, and our guarantee to our clients is that we’ll treat your garage doors and their parts as if they were ours. Call us and we will schedule an appointment to your business or home to repair or service your garage door. We are the best garage door repair company to call for all of your garage door repair and service needs and requirements.

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